Assisted Reproductive Technologies : Elective Egg Freezing

IVF FLORIDA is Leading the Way

Advances in research have now made fertility preservation an option for those waiting later in life to start a family. Now you can preserve your fertility for when the timing is right.

With IVF FLORIDA's streamlined approach, we have created a Fertility Preservation package that offers a customized experience for your particular needs.

Elective Egg Freezing

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Fertility Preservation
Fertility Preservation
IVF Florida has made the fertility process easier than ever before. We recognize that busy professionals need to quickly learn the details associated with the egg freezing procedure.

Reasons for Fertility Preservation

Women who desire to start a family later in life
Professionals and athletes with other personal goals who need to delay childbearing
Medical reasons, including cancer treatment
Additional personal reasons that have delayed family planning

Fertility Preservation Process

Fertility preservation consultation at one of our South Florida clinics
Work-up and blood work
Ovarian stimulation with fertility hormone injections (gonadotropins)
Retrieval of oocytes (eggs)
When you are ready to attempt a pregnancy the eggs are thawed, fertilized, and transferred into the uterus

The doctors at IVF FLORIDA have developed an egg-freezing Fertility Preservation package that includes all the necessary steps.

The package includes the following: 

Fertility Preservation Consultation with a specialist
Cycle Day-2 Work-up (ultrasound and blood work)
Stim Start - includes monitoring, retrieval, and cryo (freezing)

The package pricing does not include anesthesia, medications, or storage.

If you have questions about fertility preservation or elective egg freezing, contact IVF Florida today. Our infertility specialists look forward to speaking with you and helping you understand if this is the right reproductive treatment for you.


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