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IVF FLORIDA is the largest fertility center in Florida. Our fertility clinics enjoy the expertise of nine reproductive endocrinologists with six conveniently located centers throughout South Florida including Coral GablesMargatePembroke Pines, Boca RatonJupiter / Palm Beach Gardens, and Wellington. Since IVF treatment involves multiple and frequent visits to your fertility clinic, having the option to select an easily accessible infertility treatment center for routine visits with your specialist can save a significant amount of time and travel expense when undergoing fertility treatment.

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Mission Statement

IVF FLORIDA is the premier provider of compassionate and patient focused fertility & reproductive services, with utmost integrity and concern, delivered through a dedicated, diverse and expert team of physicians, scientists and staff.

Vision Statement

IVF FLORIDA will strive to maintain its position as the leading provider of fertility & reproductive services in Florida through focus on a synergistic infrastructure, scientifically proven methods, pursuit of academic endeavors, and continued growth & development.

By combining excellent patient & customer service with leading treatments and outcomes, IVF FLORIDA will become a world class model of excellence in the field of reproductive medicine.

We hold these values to be inherent to our success:

Six Reasons to Choose IVF Florida

At IVF FLORIDA, our doctors understand that making the decision to seek infertility treatment and determining where to go for fertility treatment in South Florida can be difficult and stressful. As one of the largest and most successful practices in Southeast United States, our fertility and IVF clinics provide personalized care, advanced treatment options, and exceptional results. Patients choose IVF FLORIDA for our expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and outstanding success rate.


IVF FLORIDA has been providing fertility treatments in South Florida since 1986. Our IVF clinic was among the first in the region and we have been a leader in the field ever since. We are known as one of the best fertility clinic in the Miami area. Our infertility doctors have over 150 years of combined experience between them and have helped literally thousands of patients overcome their infertility problems. Our physicians have held crucial leadership positions in the fertility sector, and work with local medical schools to help educate OB/Gyn resident physicians.


Many of the physicians that lead our IVF FLORIDA fertility clinic are board-certified reproductive endocrinologists with years of experience and a passion for helping patients become parents. The focused, specialized training that these professionals have received allows them to accurately assess fertility problems and find solutions that work.


Medical advances in the field of fertility are being made on a continual basis. In order to offer the highest quality care at our fertility and IVF clinic, we commit to staying abreast of the latest technology and methods. Our on-site surgical centers and IVF laboratories are fully equipped with the advanced equipment necessary to provide cutting-edge fertility treatment giving you the best chance for success. In addition to IVF, ICSI, PGDHSG, and other complex treatment techniques, IVF FLORIDA offers fertility preservation (egg freezing through vitrification), a procedure that allows female cancer patients to preserve eggs prior to chemotherapy or radiation treatment and improve their chances for future fertility. It is also a valid option for women waiting later in life to start a family.


For the convenience of patients at our fertility clinics, IVF Florida has seven locations in each county in Southeast Florida, including Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. Since IVF treatment involves multiple and frequent visits to your fertility clinic, having the option to select a location for routine visits that is easy for you to get to can save a significant amount of time and travel expense. For those patients who travel great distances to seek our expertise, we work closely with your primary physician to minimize the number of visits you will need to make to one of our South Florida infertility centers. International patients can now enjoy the ability to hold virtual office visits via video telecommunications systems, virtually eliminating the need to travel to our offices until you are ready to undergo treatment.


At IVF FLORIDA, we are proud to partner with US Fertility, the largest physician-owned, physician-led partnership of top-tier fertility practices in the U.S. Benefits for patients at the IVF Florida fertility clinic include access to US Fertility’s Fertility Access Program, which provides three different financial programs tailored to each patient’s individual treatment plan, significant savings and an increased chance of success.


Our fertility clinic has some of the highest success rates in South Florida. IVF FLORIDA specialists offer patients a better-than-average chance of overcoming fertility problems and bringing home a new baby. While it is possible for a fertility clinic to skew their results by only accepting patients who have relatively minor obstacles (and therefore the best chances of conceiving), at IVF FLORIDA, we believe that the desire to have children is among the most basic of human instincts and that fertility patients should be given all reasonable opportunities to fulfill that goal. Our fertility center offers treatment to individuals suffering from a wide range of conditions and of advanced age, making IVF FLORIDA the choice for many women who have been rejected from other centers. Our high IVF success rate is purely a result of our skill, dedication, and experience. Our success is what makes us the best fertility clinic in Miami and throughout South Florida. 

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