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Patient FAQ’s

How long will the first visit take?

When you become a patient at IVF FLORIDA, we will begin a very thorough evaluation of your individual condition, and take the steps necessary to understand your medical history and other possible conditions that may be affecting your ability to become pregnant. Your visit with us will not simply involve the physician, but also our team of highly skilled nurses and support staff. You should plan on your first appointment to take at least two full hours in the office.

What happens on the first visit?

At your first visit, one of the most important elements in determining the correct course of care is to completely understand your general medical history and the efforts you've taken to become pregnant thus far. Your physician nurse will ask you questions to understand any medical conditions you may have. Your physician will spend ample time with you to discuss your history and the steps you've taken to attempt pregnancy. Your physician will also perform a physical examination of the female anatomy, while updating your Pap & Culture (if necessary).

Following the physical examination, you will likely move to a consultation room where you can comfortably discuss a treatment plan with your physician and the nurse.

Does my spouse/partner need to accompany me?

We believe that the spouse / partner is critical to supporting the process you will be going through. Although it is not mandatory that your partner attend with you, the first appointment is designed to evaluate both patient and partner in order to best determine possible underlying causes of infertility. And because approximately 20% of infertility is related to men, we believe it is important that we treat both the woman and man.

Does it matter where I am in my cycle?

No. For your initial appointment, the menstrual cycle is not a relevant factor. However, when you book future appointments for diagnostic testing (e.g. bloodwork and HSG) your point in your menstrual cycle is a key factor.

Do I need to bring any records with me?

Absolutely. If you have had any prior testing related to fertility, or any procedures that could possibly affect your ability to achieve pregnancy. Please contact your treating physician or gynecologist and bring the medical records with you to your appointment. Unless otherwise instructed, it is generally not necessary for you to have your records sent to us prior to your appointment.

Will my insurance cover the cost?

Before your first visit, we will attempt to perform a complementary benefit verification on your behalf. Because the level and scope of fertility benefits vary widely, you should take every step needed to be sure you understand your benefits prior to your visit. We encourage you to contact your Healthplan or employer to verify any information we were able to obtain. In most cases, we are able to file claims for the office visits and tests related to the diagnosis of infertility. However, there will be instances for some people where services provided related to infertility are specifically excluded. In these instances, you will be personally responsible for the payment for services.

Will there be anyone that can help me understand the costs and how I can afford treatment?

At IVF FLORIDA, we have financial counselors who are specially trained to understand insurance benefits and the resources available to help you afford treatment. Through our partner, IntegraMed, we have secured an exclusive relationship with Springstone Patient Financing to make available the lowest possible interest rates for fertility treatment financing. Also exclusively at IVF FLORIDA, you are able to take advantage of prepaid multicycle discounts and refund guarantees through the Attain IVF programs. For those who financially cannot afford treatment, we have developed a unique sliding scale income based discount program called Step Ahead.

Whether you have insurance or are paying out of pocket, we make every resource available to you to help you achieve the outcome you desire.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Our main center in Margate is open every day of the year. Should you have questions during normal hours, we are available to take your call. After hours, for non-emergency calls, you are free to leave a message in our general mailbox, and we will get back to you on the following business day.

If you have an emergency afterhours, on the weekend or a holiday, we have physicians and nurses on-call to assist you. Simply call our main number and you will be connected to someone who will assist you. As always, for true medical emergencies, call 911 or go to your closest Hospital's Emergency Room.