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Patient Information

IVF FLORIDA provides individualized compassionate care from low-cost fertility treatments to highly complex fertility solutions from seven convenient locations throughout Southeastern Florida. IVF FLORIDA has been treating patients since 1986 and has a team of nine fertility specialists offering a combined one hundred fifty years of experience in treating women and men with fertility challenges. This experience and success has led to IVF FLORIDA being recognized as one of the top fertility treatments centers in the country. IVF FLORIDA also provides a number of finance options and solutions to help with the cost of fertility services.

In addition to our experienced infertility specialists, there are also more than 70 other team members at IVF FLORIDA Reproductive Associates, including nurses, ultrasound and radiology technicians, embryologists, laboratory technicians, and office staff. These dedicated professionals work closely with our patients throughout the treatment process, providing assistance, information, and support to ensure that the experience is as positive and successful as possible.


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