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Clinical Studies

IVF FLORIDA Reproductive Associates is committed to advancing the field of reproductive medicine. The unique characteristics of our cutting-edge fertility center allow us to provide our patients with the most effective fertility treatments and the opportunity to participate in ongoing research and clinical trials that help us advance the field of fertility.

IVF FLORIDA encourages current and future patients to explore these opportunities and take full advantage of their unique benefits. By participating, patients can help advance the field of fertility and gain access to cutting-edge treatments currently being evaluated. And in some cases, they may even be eligible for discounted services or financial incentives.

If you are not a patient of IVF FLORIDA and would like to learn more about any of the studies listed, schedule an appointment or call 954-247-6200 to discover how you can benefit from these unique opportunities.

Qualified for Research Study?
Qualified for Research Study?
To see if you qualify for the PROGRESS fertility research study, contact your physician or clinical team, email our research coordinator at Karina.Stroker@ivfflorida.com, or visit ivfflorida.com/our-center/clinical-studies.
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Active Clinical Trials and Research Studies


IVF FLORIDA is currently seeking women to participate in a fertility research study to look at whether an investigational Progesterone preparation administered as an injection under the skin is safe and effective in supporting the implantation and early pregnancy following frozen euploid transfer (FET) in comparison to Crinone, a progesterone administered vaginally.

You may be eligible for the study if you

  • Are between 35-42 years old
  • Are planning a single frozen embryo transfer
  • Have regular menstrual cycles (24-38 days)
  • Do not have a history of recurrent pregnancy loss (2 or more consecutive losses)
  • Have a BMI of <38 kg/m2

If you are a candidate for the study, the study drugs are provided to you at no cost. Candidates who do not have a frozen euploid embryo from a prior IVF cycle will receive genetic testing for their embryos at no cost. Study subjects who undergo FET will receive a credit of up to $7,500 applied to their IVF FLORIDA balance. 


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