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Natural IVF

The Gold Standard for the treatment of women facing infertility issues continues to be traditionally stimulated IVF. However, we do understand there is a need for certain women seeking to undergo IVF treatments through a more "natural" process. In response to an overwhelming demand, IVF Florida provides Natural IVF as a service to help women seeking to have a child in a simpler, more natural and less expensive way. Although the term "Natural IVF" is anything but "natural" the term has become synonymous with fertility protocols that require little to no medications.

To learn more about the Natural IVF procedure and to better understand the relative advantages and disadvantages of all the variations of the no stimulation and low-dose protocols included in the Natural IVF realm, contact IVF Florida today. One of our local fertility doctors can help you interpret the available study data and determine which treatment protocol fits your needs the best.