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IVF FLORIDA Blog: Fertility Journey

Ten Things to Know about Infertility

August 19, 2015

Have questions about infertility? South Florida’s reproductive specialists at IVF FLORIDA share ten important facts about infertility.

  1. Approximately one in eight couples have difficulty getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy full term.
  2. About one-third of infertile couples are undergoing male fertility treatments.
  3. While female infertility is the cause of another one-third of fertility cases.
  4. The final third is caused by both partners being infertile or unexplainable factors.
  5. Women over 35 are likely to be diagnosed with age-related infertility.
  6. Those younger than 35 are more likely to have a reproductive condition, such as PCOS.
  7. Both men and women who smoke have decreased fertility.
  8. You should seek treatment after trying for a full year without success.
  9. About 25% of women who suffer from infertility have irregular ovulation.
  10. And another 12% of infertile women are either over or under-weight.

Learn more about infertility at IVF FLORIDA's site. And be sure to schedule an initial consultation with our South Florida reproductive specialists if you think these infertility issues may be affecting you.

Ivf Infographic Facts About Infertility