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Gratitude’s Role in Dealing with Infertility

December 18, 2017
By The Fertility Experts of IVF FLORIDA

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” Melody Beattie

When you’re dealing with infertility, it can be difficult to feel grateful or positive. The stress and struggle can leave even the most positive of people straining to think of what they have to be grateful for. Failed pregnancy attempts may leave you feeling desperate and in despair, and the longer the journey, the more inclined you may start to believe that something is wrong and that all hope is lost.  However, research shows that integrating gratitude into your daily routine can result in a host of health and wellness benefits – including ones that can affect your fertility.

When these feelings internalize, they can leave you in constant crisis mode, which creates stress and results in a negative impact on fertility.  These negative thoughts and feelings can take over your mindset, and you’ll lose touch with feelings like joy, happiness, and gratitude. 

The Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

Scientific studies have demonstrated that simple gratitude and perspective can genuinely make people feel happier, more positive, and even a little more resilient. And since emotions can affect our health, making a conscious effort to steer your feelings in a positive direction can be extremely beneficial to your overall wellness and your infertility. Here are just a few benefits of being thankful:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved immune system
  • Better sleep
  • More positive emotions and happiness
  • Increased optimism
  • Less loneliness and isolation
  • Better connection with others
  • Stronger relationships
  • Greater chance of meeting your goals

How to Practice Gratitude When Dealing with Infertility

There are a variety of ways to practice gratitude in your everyday life – the key is to find out what works best for you. The experts of IVF FLORIDA suggest trying some of the methods below to see what works best for you.

  • Writing in a gratitude journal
  • Mindful Breathing
  • Meditation and/or Yoga
  • Giving sincere compliments
  • Recognizing negative thoughts and trying to turn them into a positive

When you incorporate gratitude into your everyday life, it can become a tool that you’ll use to alter the way you think and feel.  You will start to look past the negative and notice how much has been taken for granted. The process of cultivating gratitude can actually rewire your brain chemistry and build a neural connectivity that will lead to more positive thinking and an overall balanced state.  In other words, the more you practice gratitude, the more likely you will default into a grateful, more positive state.   

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