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4 Reasons to Seek Fertility Treatment Early

November 24, 2021

4 Reasons to Seek Fertility Treatment Early

The decision to have a baby is an exciting time for couples and individuals. But for some, getting pregnant is more difficult than expected. 1 in 8 married couples struggle with infertility in the U.S., and many people wait years to seek help. The fertility specialists at IVF FLORIDA discuss a few reasons why you should talk with a physician early. 

Your Age: When it comes to fertility, age plays a role for both women and men. For couples, infertility is being unable to conceive after a year of trying – unless the woman is 35 or older. In those cases, couples should seek treatment after six months of trying without success.

Decreased Cost: Another benefit of seeking treatment early is reduced cost. When you discover you may face challenges conceiving, the sooner you explore your options the less expensive the process can be. If you are hesitant to start treatment due to financial commitment, IVF FLORIDA has affordable solutions to make treatment more accessible.

Overall Wellbeing: The workup patients receive at IVF FLORIDA when they start treatment can provide a wealth of general health information. For some men and women, infertility can be due to an underlying health issue - that they weren’t aware they had. These issues, such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or thyroid disease, can cause a variety of past and future health problems ranging from hypertension to depression. Learning about underlying issues is the first step to treating and taking charge of your health.

Fertility Preservation: For women looking to delay parenthood, time is of the essence! Women can preserve their future fertility through egg freezing, enabling them to build a family when the time is right. However, women considering this option should move forward as soon as possible to increase their chances of success. As egg quality and quantity decline as women age, those who freeze their eggs earlier have a higher likelihood of freezing enough high-quality eggs to give them the best chance of conceiving in the future.

Early intervention offers the best chances of success, so let IVF FLORIDA help you get started. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please call 954-247-6200.

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