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Embryo Options: New Resources for IVF FLORIDA Patients

August 19, 2022

IVF FLORIDA is proud to announce a new partnership with Embryo Options. Through this partnership, IVF FLORIDA patients can access a secure online payment system for storage of embryos, eggs, or sperm, a comprehensive educational website, and disposition forms when storage is no longer needed. 

About Embryo Options:
Embryo Options, a company that services fertility centers throughout the US, offers a HIPAA-compliant, secure online website for cryopreserved embryos, eggs, and sperm. IVF FLORIDA’s partnership with Embryo Options enables patients cryopreserving biological specimens to conveniently pay storage fees online and gain access to a comprehensive educational website to explore various disposition options for their embryos, eggs, or sperm.


Next Steps?
The physical storage of all embryos, eggs, and sperm remains within the highly-controlled laboratory environment at IVF FLORIDA Reproductive Associates. 

Storage of embryos, eggs, or sperm will continue until patients decide to use their specimens in an assisted reproductive technology (ART) treatment cycle, transfer them to a long-term storage facility, or submit signed copies of the IVF Florida disposition forms. The disposition forms will allow patients to authorize the lab to discard the specimens or donate them for research or reproductive use. 

All patients with cryopreserved embryos, eggs, or sperm at IVF FLORIDA will receive a mailed letter with information about billing and the next steps. 

In the meantime, if you have questions about your specimens, please email 

To transfer your specimens to offsite storage, contact ReproTech at 954-570-7687 or visit

To learn about Embryo Options or schedule a new patient appointment at IVF FLORIDA, please call our New Patient Center at 954-247-6200.

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