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5 Ideas for a Fertility Friendly Valentine’s Day

February 11, 2022

If you are up to your ears in fertility meds, ovulation kits, and managing appointments, you may be wondering how you can make this Valentine's Day special. To keep the romance alive, here are five tips to help reduce infertility-induced stress and strengthen your relationship.

Put the Fertility Talk on Hold
If you are struggling with infertility, it can feel like your life revolves around appointments, injections, and waiting. This Valentine’s Day the team at IVF FLORIDA suggests putting the fertility talk on hold. Instead, take the time to catch up with your partner and reconnect on a deeper level.

Share the Love
Practicing gratitude can help couples cope with the stress that comes with struggling with infertility. One of the best ways to show your gratitude? Giving back. Take some time on Valentine's Day to share the love with those in need by volunteering at a nursing home, animal shelter, or other local non-profit.

Try Something New
Try something new this month with your partner to strengthen your connection and reinvigorate your bond. Whether it's rock climbing, an art class, or trying a trendy restaurant, Valentine's day is an excellent excuse to try something new and exciting. 

Go on Holiday
Grab your overnight bag and hit the road. Choose a town an hour or two away and spend a day exploring. Enjoy exploring street fairs and trying new restaurants while talking about anything but fertility! Use this time to discover a new place to broaden your horizons and give you and your partner something new to talk about.

Take a Break
Dealing with infertility can be draining, but taking a break and relaxing together could be just what the doctor ordered. Whether it’s enjoying a couples massage or lounging on the couch, doing something you both find relaxing can help you reconnect and appreciate just being able to be together.

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