Informational Videos : Recurrent Miscarriages & PCOS

Recurrent Miscarriages & PCOS

Recurrent Miscarriages & PCOS
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Recurrent Miscarriages & PCOS

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Dr Daniel Christie and Dr David Hoffman explain procedures involved with recurrent miscarriages and PCOS. Couples who experience recurrent miscarriages and repeated implantation failure suffer both from the psychological pain of their losses and from their victimization by uncertain science.

The team at IVF FLORIDA offers physicians who specialize in treating patients who suffer from multiple miscarriages. Because the causes of recurrent pregnancy loss can be many, it is sometimes impossible to completely diagnose a true cause. Some physicians will attempt to treat patients suffering from recurrent miscarriage with methods that do not have sound scientific basis (for example: paternal cell immunization therapy). IVF FLORIDA physician experts will employ only scientifically proven methods in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with recurrent miscarriage.

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