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What I’ve Learned As A Fertility Doctor

January 16, 2017
By Dr. Gene Manko

The emotional and complicated journey infertility patients embark on can be one filled with great accomplishments and success but could also be filled with disappointment, tremendous stress and loss of self-image and failure.  The IVF FLORIDA medical team that helps guide and encourage patients along their pathway can be very instrumental both in their achievements and support during the more difficult challenges.  As a fertility physician for 42 years, I have learned a lot.

1. The necessity of open communication between the patient and their partner (or support team), as well as between the patient and the medical team.

2. Encouragement and love from family and friends are essential to weather the storms that may lie ahead.

3. Fertility is a team sport and all those involved in patient care should be acutely aware of the sensitivities and emotional stresses these patients are dealing with on a daily basis.

4. The medical team has a unique opportunity to "be in the trenches" with their patients and not only help them through the process but also to teach various coping skills.

5. It is important that all staff involved interacts in a positive way with patients, from the front staff to the physicians.

6. The fertility specialists should not only provide good care and current information to patients, but also individualize the experience.  At times, I remind myself that this is their journey and we are here to help as much as possible.

7. It is a challenge for patients, their partners, and the medical team to navigate through the infertility work up and diagnosis, the various treatment options, and certainly the successes and failures of this emotional roller coaster.

Although we know not everyone will be successful in achieving their dream, we can help by being there to share in their joy, their disappointment, to encourage and in some cases to help with closure.  In other words, the IVF FLORIDA reproductive experts are their support and encouragement while being treated for infertility.

Gene F. Manko, MD

IVF Florida Reproductive Associates

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