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Donor Egg Bank USA Recognizes IVF FLORIDA Embryologist

November 09, 2021

Every year, Donor Egg Bank USA celebrates the accomplishments in donor egg vitrification, and this year is no exception. During the annual LOVE (Leaders of Vitrification Excellence) awards and presentation event, Donor Egg Bank USA shared the latest year in review, including celebrating their 10,000th warming and honoring the Leaders in Vitrification Excellence.

We are excited to announce that IVF FLORIDA was recognized and our very own embryologist Shelbi Gilbert was named as the 2021 Donor Egg Bank USA LOVE (Leaders of Vitrification Excellence) award winner.

A big thank you to Donor Egg Bank USA for recognizing Embryologist Shelbi Gilbert and IVF FLORIDA as the 2021 LOVE (Leaders of Vitrification Excellence) award winners. We couldn’t have done it without our outstanding staff, that makes dreams come true every day. And most importantly, thank you to our patients for trusting us with what you hold most precious.

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