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IVF FLORIDA Launches Program for Egg Freezing Patients

July 27, 2022

A new concierge program provides egg-freezing patients with a customized approach to fertility preservation.

IVF FLORIDA is pleased to offer a new concierge program for patients looking to freeze their eggs—providing a simple, modern, and customized approach tailored to each individual's goals.

"At IVF FLORIDA, we understand that patients can use more support in a process that can feel intimidating," said Marc Gualtieri, M.D. "While we have always provided a high standard of service to our patients, this new program offers several advantages to a woman looking to freeze her eggs.”

Designed to minimize the time commitment and maximize potential, IVF FLORIDA’s new Egg Freezing Concierge program provides patients with a dedicated care team, including an IVF FLORIDA physician and a board-certified nurse practitioner, who will guide patients through every step of the egg freezing process. The care team will work with each patient's schedule to determine start dates while keeping monitoring appointments to approximately four visits. Patients can work, as usual, taking time off only for egg retrieval day when they receive light sedation for the egg extraction.

With more women postponing parenthood, egg freezing can be a valuable opportunity to keep reproductive options open and preserve future fertility. To learn more about our Egg Freezing Concierge Program, call 954-247-6200 or schedule a consultation today.

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