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Top Egg Freezing FAQS

December 02, 2022

Egg freezing can be a very effective way to preserve fertility and have a baby later in life. Here are the top frequently asked questions about egg freezing at IVF FLORIDA.

What is egg freezing?
Egg freezing is preserving some of your eggs by retrieving them from your ovaries, freezing them, and storing them so you can use them in the future. 

Who should consider egg freezing?
Egg freezing is recommended for women ages 30 to 40 (ideally women in their early-to-mid-30s) who wish to extend their fertility potential for future family-building options. Women may want to consider egg freezing at a younger age if there is a family history of premature ovarian failure or early menopause. 

How does egg freezing work?
During a natural menstrual cycle, your body produces one egg to maturity. An egg-freezing cycle uses medications--similar to the ones naturally made in the body--to stimulate your ovaries to produce additional mature eggs, also known as follicles. Once the follicles are mature, the next step is an intravaginal procedure to retrieve available eggs. Mature eggs are then frozen using a "flash-freeze" process known as vitrification and stored in liquid nitrogen, where they can remain frozen indefinitely. 

How does IVF FLORIDA determine candidates for egg freezing?
If you are considering egg freezing, you will complete simple diagnostic testing at IVF FLORIDA to learn your ovarian reserve (reproductive hormone levels and how many eggs are available). Your care team will combine your test results with your medical history and share their recommendations to help determine whether freezing now is in your best interest.

Does IVF FLORIDA work with patients newly diagnosed with cancer?
At IVF FLORIDA, our fertility specialists work closely with newly diagnosed patients and their cancer teams. All patients interested in fertility preservation will receive immediate consultation and the best preservation options based on their cancer treatment plan. Expedited treatment and coordination with cancer therapies are essential for patients with a recent cancer diagnosis. Those planning to have children in the future should consider sperm, egg, or embryo freezing at the time of diagnosis.

Why consider egg freezing?
There are many reasons to preserve your eggs, including: 

1. Timing: Whether it is career-related, searching for the right partner, or just not feeling ready--mentally or financially-- egg freezing allows women to focus on their life and career goals without the added pressure of their biological clock ticking in the background.

2. Health Concerns: Reasons such as family history of early menopause, endometriosis, or a recent cancer diagnosis are just a few medical reasons women choose to freeze their eggs.

3. Fertility Freedom: Fertility in women rapidly declines after 35 years of age, and egg freezing gives the option to start a family later in life. 

Why choose IVF FLORIDA?
IVF FLORIDA offers a Concierge Egg Freezing Program led by a highly qualified healthcare team, including a board-certified physician and nurse practitioner. Our program is custom designed to minimize the time investment and maximize the potential to conceive using frozen eggs should the need arise. We also provide patients with the highest level of support throughout the egg-freezing process.

How to get started?
To learn more about egg freezing at IVF FLORIDA, call 954-247-6200 or click here. 



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